Does laughing makes you relaxed

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Laughing can indeed make you feel relaxed. Laughing releases endorphins, which relieves both pain and stress.

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Q: Does laughing makes you relaxed
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What are short term effects of marijuana?

Being relaxed a little bit of laughing or depends on how you take it so the effects are laughing,relaxed,hungry,and a little bit of misdirection and uhh yea thats it

Does anyone else pee when they laugh?

Yes. Urination while laughing is quite common and called "stress urinary incontinence". While laughing the stress placed on the muscles in the urethra are relaxed, leading to a small flow of urine after laughing.

What element makes up laughing gas?

Laughing Gas is N2O, so nitrogen and oxygen

Is laughing healthly?

Laughing makes you feel happier, of course, but it also makes the 'chemicals in your cheeks' healthier. My old headmaster said this at my primary school!

Does laughing make you heathy?

NOPE! laughing actually makes you healthy as it strongly boosts your emune system :)

Laughing in Spanish?

Laughing is laughing in any language. Though, as a joke, people on the Internet will use the term "jajaja" as the letter "j" in the Spanish language makes the "h" sound. riendo = laughing

Should you drive after having laughing gas?

no you shouldn't because you might still be high or relaxed so if you drive you might crash

What does the phrase laughing money mean?

Laughing money means .... Money gives us happiness which makes people laugh.

What makes Australia a lazy country?

It is not lazy - we are just well relaxed.

Why the rain makes feel nostalgic?

water makes me me relaxed because it can be vary serene and when it rains everyone feels more relaxed. it could be because it can be quiet at times followed by a nice rainy night..

Why do designers design?

it calms people down and makes them feel relaxed and not as stressed

Why is good posture is important?

It makes you relaxed and it's an aid to good health.