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If the resident relative has their own car insurance, this resident relative should not also be covered on your policy. If this resident relative drives your car more than on occasion, then, he/she should be on your policy as well.

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Q: Does it make a difference in coverage on your policy if a resident relative has their own car insurance?
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Will homeowners insurance settle a claim if one resident murders another resident?

Criminal Acts of a Homeowner or ResidentNo. Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for criminal acts of the owner or other residents.

You are a permanent resident sponsored by son and have no health insurance how can you have a insurance coverage?

You can apply for individual health insurance just like any other person. You can shop online or go to a local insurance agency. Agent

Can Person Injury Protection coverage be denied to the passenger if the driver of the vehicle was an excluded under the policy?

The passenger must first look to his or her own PIP (or no-fault) coverage for medical/wage loss/replacement services coverage. If the passenger does not have insurance then he or she looks to his or her household: does the passenger live with someone with auto insurance? If yes, then the passenger is covered by the resident relative's PIP. The driver's insured status does not dictate the passenger's status. However, if the driver is "an excluded" - I take it you mean he or she was not named on the policy as a driver - the passenger may have difficulty bringing a liability claim. Did the driver have the owner's permission to use the vehicle? If so, then he or she would be covered as a permissive user. However, if the driver was a young driver resident of a household - a kid using mom and dad's car - and the parents did not tell the insurance company there was a chance the kid would use the car - then you may run into coverage problems. Sometimes people try to save money by not listing a young driver on the policy. The insurance company can deny coverage in that instance.

Can you get a residence permit if your relative is a resident?

Depends on country/state and how close the relative is.

If the car has full coverage and someone else is driving the vehicle will the insurance still cover both vehicles?

A good rule of thumb about car insurance is that the insurance follows the car. So, if you own a car, have full coverage, and loan the vehicle to someone, and that person has an accident, your car insurance will step in to cover both your car's damages and any property damage. This might not be true, however, if the other person is a resident relative (ie, lives in your house) and has access to the vehicle all the time. In a case like that, you could have coverage issues because you didn't tell your carrier that someone else was regularly -- or might regularly be -- driving your car. Your rates are based on you as the driver; you don't pay your carrier to cover someone else.

Can I get Health insurance for legal resident alien 79 years old in SC?

No. because in South Carolina the law mandates the the cut off for insurance for an alien is 72 years of age. There is excellent health coverage in Mexico try moving.

How much is a double break on a foot from home owners insurance?

There is not enough information to answer your question. Did this injury occur in the home or away from the home? Who was injured and how did it occur? Was an insured household resident injured at the insured home? A homeowners insurance policy often provides a small amount of medical coverage if the insured elected it at the time of purchase for minor household injuries but does not replace a medical insurance policy. Was a guest injured on the premises of the insured home? Homeowners insurance policies often provide Liability coverage if the insured elected the coverage at the time of purchase that might provide coverage if the insured home owner was at fault for the injury. You would need to check your home insurance policy or contact your agent to determine if you purchased medical coverage or liability coverage depending on what occurred and if so, what limits are available.

If hurt in a house fire will home owners insurance cover the cost if an injury has been sustained?

That depends on who was hurt. Medical Payments coverage and possibly the Liability could apply to someone who was not a resident of the household.

How do I go about qaulifying for medical coverage as a senior who is a new permanent resident(new immigrant)?

qaulifying for medical coverage as a senior who is a new permanent resident(new immigrant) is easy just go to the government branch

Know the Insurance Requirements in Las Vegas?

If you are a resident of Las Vegas, you must maintain auto insurance coverage at all times on any vehicle that you own. Because car insurance is mandatory in Las Vegas, you can incur stiff penalties if you do not carry at least the minimum coverages required under Nevada financial responsibility laws.Required Liability Coverage in Las VegasLiability is the portion of your auto insurance coverage that is required under Nevada law. This coverage pays for vehicles and other property you damage if you cause a traffic accident. It also compensates pedestrians, passengers and drivers for injuries they sustain in an accident.Your policy must cover at least $10,000 for damage to property resulting from one accident. It must also cover $30,000 worth of medical expenses caused by an accident, subject to a cap of $15,000 for each injured person.Liability coverage in Las Vegas does not cover injuries you or any other covered driver sustain in a motor vehicle accident.Coverage Verification in Las VegasThe Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a letter requesting verification of auto insurance coverage if it suspects that you have insurance. If you do not respond to the letter within 15 days, or you cannot provide proof of insurance, the Department will suspend your car registration. Evidence of insurance coverage in a state other than Nevada does not qualify as proof of coverage if you are a Las Vegas resident.You will have to pay a $250 reinstatement fee if the Department suspends your registration. You may also incur fines, depending on how long you went without insurance coverage. If you were without coverage for six months or more, you will incur a fine of $1,000. Fines are even higher if you are found to be without insurance coverage a second time.Qualifying Insurance CompaniesAs a Las Vegas resident, you must maintain a policy issued by a company that is licensed in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Insurance can provide you with a list of licensed insurance carriers.

Are your children covered on your auto insurance if living out of state?

If they are listed on your policy then they should be covered. Most insurance companies have a setting that is designated as "away at school" and is a lesser rate. If they are no longer a resident or a dependent, then they should be covered if they borrowed your vehicle as coverage is afforded for drivers that you loan your vehicle to.

I am a US citizen on US Medicare residing in Canada (permanent resident) - where can I buy supplementary insurance for US Medicare service for the 20% not covered by Medicare in the US. ?

As a US citizen residing in Canada, you may face limitations when it comes to purchasing supplementary insurance for US Medicare services. Most US private insurance companies do not offer coverage for individuals living outside of the United States. It is recommended to explore insurance options available in Canada that can provide coverage for healthcare services received in the US. That way, you can find coverage for the 20% not covered by Medicare while you are in the US.