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excessive use may damage your hair,but use in moderation,and make sure they are alcohol free.

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Q: Does it damage hair over time to use hairspray or gel?
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What can you use in place of hairspray?

in the place of hair spray or even over hairspray beat eggs and use it just like a hair product the result will be a beautiful sexy curl that will retain its shape for days at a time if u allow it eggs are also healthier then hairspray

What holds hair in place a longer period of time hair gel or hairspray?

hair gel holds it in place for a longer period of time but it makes your hair very hard and gives it a greasy kind of look sometimes and hairspray gives it a more natural look.

Does your hair type change over time?

It does because of damage from styling products and heat from dryers.

Can blow drying your hair too much damage your hair?

Certainly. As can a straight iron and curling iron. The heat from the blow dryer can make your hair frizzy and over time, cold cause permanent damage

Can you wash your hair with shampoo more than once a day without causing damage?

yes but use over time can be dangerous to your hair

Does hair wax damage hair?

No, not if you bought it from your hair salon. Anything you purchase at your hair salon is safe for your hair. The wax, however can build up over time on the hair shaft if you do not shampoo it out well enough.

How can you straighten your hair fast without a hair straightner and it wont damage your hair?

Well, first you have to wash your hair with straightening shampoo and conditioner.. but not too much. You can mix the shampoo with water, 50%-50%, and use pure conditioner. After, dry your hair with a towel, blow dry it, then straighten it with a hair straightener. Straighten your hair by a group of strands at a time; from under your hair to over, then the bangs. Put serum (not too much) and then hairspray. Also, you can use coconut oil or Arabia serum.. it usually works the best..

How do you get the rattyness out when your hair is teased?

My favorite way (though it may not work how it does on my hair on yours, because of hair texture difference, ect....) is to lightly hairspray a section, tease, pick up another section and add it to the original section, hairspray lightly, and tease. You keep that pattern going, but only two sections at a time. Then, take a brush and gently stroke it over the top. If you have pretty flat hair and that takes all the tease and body out of it, take a cream-based hair gel and use a tiny little bit and smooth it over the teased hair.

Which holds hair in place longer period of time gel or hairspray?

Gel holds hair in place for a longer period of time because gel is more thicker than hair spray.Hair spray is very thin.

Can you leave hot topic hair extensions in your hair all day?

I leave mine in all the time, just make sure you hairspray them so they don't get all frizzie.

Which hairspray is stronger white rain or april hairspray?

White Rain is stronger only because it has more chemicals mixed in its ingredient compound. More ingredients cause the compound to be stronger and hold hair for a longer time period then others with less ingredients, like April Hairspray.

Are getting perms bad for you?

Sometimes they can be bad for your hair. They chemically rearrange the disulphide bonds that give your hair shape. They can dry out your hair and damage it over time if it is done excessively. A perm is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.