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yes because the legnth of the eye also increases

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Q: Does increasing height effect eye sight?
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How does DRUGs effect you eye sight?

It depends on the drug.

Can salt affet your eye sights?

yes if you pour salt into your eye it will effect your eye sight

Can inhaling raw sewage effect eye sight?

Yes it can :)

Food for increasing vision?

hmmm.... well i don't know if it will help your eye sight... but i do hear it makes your eyes pretty. :)

Does eye color effect sight?

No - the seeing is actually done with the black in the middle. That's where the light goes in.

How is a poodles eye sight?

Poodles have very good eye sight.

do it affect your eye sight ?

do high cholesterol affect your eye sight

How is a toy poodles eye sight?

Poodles have very good eye sight.

What is the organ of sight?

The eye is the organ of sight

What is the most common eye sight for humans?

the comon eye sight for humans is the pupil

Can hemorrhoids affect the eyes?

I am not a diagnostician but It is my opinion that it cannot effect your sight.

how can you correct your eye defects without the usage of spectacles?

you can correct your eye defects by regularly using "Carrot" in your diet, either in form of juice or adding in Salad. Carrot is helpful for increasing your eye sight and is really good for health as well.