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no, infact it has an opposite effect. cold water tends ta shrivel ya jiblets tho.

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Q: Does hot water make your genitles small?
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Why do pool supply stores tell me salt water hot tubs aren't heard of?

Probably because it would not make economicalsense to produce a salt water system small enough to suit a hot tub.

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You need to take the hoses off washer and check for trash in your machine valve. Make sure you turn off water to the machine

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Why is hot water white and cold water clear?

Typically, if you have hot water that is white, you have a water softener in your home. The water softener adds a small quantity of salt to the water to make it feel softer to the skin. This tends to break down some of the minerals in the water and also make it less likely to etch glasses in a dishwasher. The water softener is typically not plumbed into the cold water, and this is why the cold water remains clear.

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I don't think that is possible. How can "hot" make "cool" water "cold"? (also, 'hot ice' is boiling water)