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That depends on the terms of your specific policy. You should read it to find out.

It depends whether the insurance is 'like for like' or 'new for old'. If it's not clear from your policy speak to your insurance company or broker.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover the current value of claimed items or the cost of replacing them?
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Homeowners Insurance?

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Does a homeowners insurance policy have to have the name of the current owners on the policy?

Yes, of course. The current owners on the policy have to pay for the insurance policy, This is why this policy states that it is a homeowners policy.

What discounts does Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company offer to their homeowners insurance policy holders?

If homeowners bundle their insurance polices they can receive up to a 15% discount on all policies that are current. For individual policies for homeowners insurance, there is a discount for every year that an individual is claim-free.

Where can I purchase the cheapest motorcycle insurance at?

If you already have automobile/homeowners insurance I would talk to my current agent. You can also compare the top motorcycle insurers at

What companies will underwrite homeowners insurance while under bankruptcy?

What company will insure you when in chapter 13 if you home is not covered in the bankruptcy. If you have current insurance and the company is going out of business.

How would you be sure your current insurance would cover replacing your motorcycle if you total it?

call and ask your agent!

When are surcharges on homeowner's insurance claims allowed?

All homeowners claims are subject to premium surcharges. either in the current policy period or at renewal.

Will your homeowner insurance pay for your house and build you a new one?

If your homeowners Insurance Policy has "Replacement Valuation", It will pay the cost to rebuild your home. If you bought an ACV policy, then it will only pay you the current value of your home.

Will you lose your homeowners insurance if your dog bites your neighbor on your property?

Most companies will also give you the option to exclude the dog from future coverage allowing you to carry on with your current policy.

Get Homeowner's Insurance For Less?

For almost all homeowners, paying for homeowner's insurance is a necessity which is typically required by a mortgage lender and any association that the homeowner is a member of. While it can be expensive, there are ways to save money on homeowner's insurance. The first way to save money on homeowners insurance would be to compare prices from various insurers and negotiate. To bring in a new customer, many insurers may entice you by offering a reduced premium. You could save money by either accepting the new premium or using it to negotiate with your current insurer. The second way to save money on homeowners insurance would be to combine all of your insurance needs into one policy. When combining your policies, including auto and homeowners insurance, you could receive a multi-policy discount, which would cut your premium by 10% or more. The third way to save money on homeowners insurance would be to re-evaluate your insurance needs. Depending on your situation, it is quite possible that you are over insuring yourself. While this provides excess protection, it could end up being a waste of money and could be avoided by re-assessing how much insurance you really need.

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Electric Current

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