Does homeowners insurance cover cars

Updated: 9/16/2023
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No, Homeowners Insurance covers houses. A home insurance policy will not cover damage to your vehicle. that's what auto insurance is for.

Auto insurance covers cars.

Another Answer:What do you mean "cover"? If you mean if they are covered for physical damage to the vehicle itself, my answer would be "No"! : )

If by vehicle you mean a snowmobile, or an ATV, then all kinds of things could happen. The company I work for only provides liability and physical damage coverage to motorized vehicles if they are solely used for the upkeep and maintenance of the property named on the policy. If you loan your garden tractor to your son to use at his property, then there's no coverage. Ever. Other companies in my same state will add these motorized "toys" to the homeowner's policy for an extra premium. Best to call your agent!

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover cars
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Does homeowners insurance cover hospital from a car accident?

No, Homeowners insurance is for the house. it does not cover cars or car accident claims.

Should homeowners insurance cover cars in garage fire?

No, unfortunately it does not. Your homeowners insurance covers damage to your home. Your auto insurance covers damage to your car.

Does homeowners insurance cover foreclosure?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover the owners default on a mortgage note.

Does homeowners insurance cover your child damaging the neighbors vehicle?

No, Your homeowners insurance does not cover vehicle damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

Does homeowners insurance cover your mortgage if you are laid off?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is for. Homeowners insurance is to pay for physical damage to your home and contents.

Does homeowners insurance cover sprinkler system?

Your homeowners insurance should cover damage to your sprinkler system if the cause of the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy such as fire, lightning, freezing of pipes, etc. Homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy and will not cover mechanical failure of your system.

Does homeowners' liability insurance cover personal injury on another property?

No, your Homeowners Insurance will not. Your Medical Insurance Will.

Will homeowners cover tire theft?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

Will homeowners insurance cover removal of healthy trees?

No, Homeowners Insurance is Hazard Insurance it does not cover the costs of asthetics. That's landscaping or Lawn Maintenance.

Does my homeowners insurance cover a neighbors dog attacking my dog?

Not usually. The neighbor's homeowners insurance would cover it underneath their liability insurance.

Does homeowner insurance cover other people cars that get vandalized in your driveway?

NO, Homeowners Insurance covers Homes. Auto Insurance covers cars. Home insurance polices do not provide coverage for personal auto regardless of who owns them or where they are parked.

Will homeowners insurance cover the damages to a uninsured vehicle on the property?

No, homeowners insurance excludes vehicles.