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I have a mobile home and the furnace caught on fire and is now damaged does my homeowners insurance cover this as a replacement

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover Clean up after furnace malfuntion?
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What is required for good furnace maintenance?

For one to maintain a good furnace, one must: clean the furnace regularly, replace or clean the filter, service the furnace once or twice a year, make sure that the furnace is kept clean and dry to name a few.

Can I clean my Carpets myself?

Many homeowners choose to clean their carpets themselves, but there are drawbacks to this. Technicians have training and experience that homeowners do not have. Homeowners also lack the specialized grade equipment to clean their carpets professionally.

How do you get rid of furnace oil smell?

Hire someone to clean your furnace and give it a tune up. Worked for me.

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Can furnace filters be reused?

Yes they can. Furnace filters help to divert dust and keep your furnace and air conditioning coil clean. As long as it doesn't break, a furnace filter can be reused.

What are furnace filters for?

Furnace filters control the amount of particles that pass out of the furnace and into the house. They are essentially the first line of defence in keeping the air in your home clean.

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How do you clean a condensate line in the furnace?

Use compressed air.

What furnace maintenance can I do myself?

You can check the air filter every 3-4 weeks. A dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat. Learn how to clean your furnace, dirt is the number one cause for furnace malfunctioning.

How to clean the pilot on your furnace?

Remove the pilot assembly from the furnace and clean it up. You need to be careful when putting it back on at the gas valve so as not to crossthread the screw. Take a thin wire and clean the pilot orifice, then use a brush or sandpaper on the thermocouple.

How much does it cost to clean a furnace blower?

I was quoted $185. Charlotte, NC.

Homeowners use what kind of of tanks to collect and clean their waste water?

septic tank