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No, your home owners Policy does not cover damage by your contractor or builder. Always make sure that any contractor you hire is properly insured before you allow him to begin his work, If you are comencing self construction then by all means obtain a builders risk policy for coverage of incidental losses related to your construction activities.

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Q: Does homeowner insurance cover damages to a neighbor's home due to owners new construction or renovation or should we purchase a builders risk policy to be safe for demolition and rebuilding?
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How can one get new exterior wood doors installed?

A certified carpenter or renovation service can install exterior wooden doors for a homeowner. Without a doubt, the homeowner should leave this work to the professionals to ensure that everything is installed and sealed correctly.

What does homeowner's insurance pay for in case of damage to your house and its contents?

Rebuilding the house and buying all new items to replace those damaged

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How far does a dumpster have to be from a house?

That's going to be subject to local ordinances, and those of a homeowner's association (if you belong to one). If it's allowed, you can have it right up next to the residence (this is often done during construction or renovation of a home), although you need to ensure that it's far enough away that the top edge won't hit the exterior of the building when it's tilted up to be put back onto the truck.

Does homeowners insurance cover attic restoration?

Certainly not. Homeowner's insurance does not pay for renovation to any part of your home unless it was damaged and the damage was due to a covered cause. And, in the case of damage, the insurance will strive to replace, not improve the situation.

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Does homeowner liability insurance extend to land where a home is being demolished and rebuilt?

No. you will need to buy a "Builders Risk" policy to cover liabilities associated with home construction.

How can a contractor in California obtain money owed from a homeowner if the homeowner refuses to pay even though a mechanic lien was filed?

See a construction law attorney and have a lawsuit for foreclosure of lien initiated. I do not recommend filing your own lawsuit--they are quite complicated and attorney fees can be collected if you win.

Can a homeowner evict the other homeowner?

No he can not do it.

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