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Yes, as long as it was a covered loss. 4lifeguild

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Q: Does homeowner insurance cover damage to aluminum siding?
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What are the cons of aluminum siding?

Aluminum siding would be slightly noisier. Some of the cons of aluminum siding include scratching and denting. Aluminum siding is easy to scratch, which reveals the bare aluminum beneath the surface. It is also easily dented by small objects such as stones or hail.

How much does aluminum house siding weigh?

The weigh of aluminum siding depends on its thickness. Most aluminum siding weighs anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds per 100 square feet.

What are the release dates for Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford - 1998 Siding Replacement?

Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford - 1998 Siding Replacement was released on: USA: 4 May 2002

Are there any benefits for plastic siding over aluminum siding?

Plastic siding offers a less expensive alternative to aluminum siding. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to give the homeonwner more choices. Plastic siding is more durable and less susecptable to scratches and dents. However plastic siding is more flammable than aluminum.

Can insects destroy aluminum siding?


Does aluminum siding fade?

yes it does.

Which is better vinyl or aluminum siding?

Depending on your preference, either type of siding works well. Aluminum siding is less costly, but will dent easily and needs painted every few years. Vinyl siding may cost more and can crack in extreme temperatures, but it is extremely low maintenance compared to aluminum siding.

Lowering Home Maintenance Costs with Aluminum Siding?

Home ownership can provide a rewarding sense of fulfillment, but also requires financial responsibility. Home maintenance costs can reach thousands of dollars every year, and unforeseen problems can cost even more. One excellent way to save on home maintenance costs is with aluminum siding. Traditional wood siding requires repainting every few years, pest control treatments, and mildew and fungal treatments. Using advanced polymers and alloys, aluminum siding provides a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional siding. Aluminum siding never needs to be painted, resists pest damage such as termites, and can be treated to prevent mildew. Aluminum siding is also easy to clean, using regular soap and water.

Where can I buy aluminum siding from?

Aluminum siding makes your house looks better and more importantly keeps it warm. One of the best companies is called mastic. They really do a good job. By visiting com you can buy aluminum siding.

How do you fix holes in aluminum siding?

Use silicone caulk color matched to the siding.

What is the best way to install aluminum siding?

The best way to install aluminum siding is to first put in the underlayment. Next, one adds the corner posts, footers, F-channels, and caulk. From here, one can start adding the aluminum siding

Where can one purchase an aluminum siding brake?

Aluminum siding brakes are a very important part of bikes. If the siding brake on one's bike should break, they definitely should make it a priority to replace it.