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That would depend on the wording of your policy.

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Q: Does home owners insurance cover everyone in the house?
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Does home owners insurance cover money stolen from your house?

It will likely cover up to $200. Good Luck.

Does home owners insurance cover the cost of a fallen ceiling in the house?

Yes, home owners insurance will cover the cost of a fallen ceiling. The only time that they will not cover it is if it is due to neglect on your parent of not keep the roof properly maintained on your home and there are signs of damage.

Does house insurance cover a mortgage if the holder dies?

NO Home Owners insue covers the Home. You might look to Mortgage Insurance for paying a mortgage.

Does home owners insurance cover skunk smell in house?

you would have too read up on what your specific plan covers. or call you insurance agency

Does home owners insurance cover the cost for a fallen tree on a house?

Home Insurance and Felled TreesYes it does. Not only does it cover the cost to repair the house but also removal of the tree. If you have others in danger of falling, it is your responsibility to take them down.

Will house owners insurance cover someones medical expenses that happen in your house?

No, not unless you were somehow liable for what happened, They would need to utilize their medical insurance plan for health related issues.

Does met life basic insurance cover a broken pipe under your house?

Most home owners policies will cover it unless the water from the broken pipe did not cause any damage to the property.

Is a water pipe from the street to the house covered if pipe freezes and breaks?

The pipe from the main to the meter is the city's responsibility, from the meter to the house is the home owners. Insurance probably will not cover the pipe but may cover damage caused by the leak. Policies vary.

Does regular house insurance replace the home's contents?

Regular house insurance does not cover the contents of the house and so will not cover the replacement of those items. A separate assessment is made of the contents of the house and a separate amount is charged for their insurance.

What does house insurance cover?

House insurance can cover different things depending on your policy. Common things covered include storm damage, some kinds of theft, and fire. You can also get specific flood insurance. There are many different houses out there. Because there are houses, there are companies that offer house insurance. Depending on one's house insurance plan, it can cover different things.

If you fall in your house does your insurance cover you?

It would depend on the reason for your fall, but most likely your insurance would not cover you for that.

Will insurance cover a stolen lawnmower from your house?