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Q: Does high glucose cause a fever?
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Does fever cause high iron in blood?

No. Anemia does not causes high fever. High fever may cause anemia like in malaria.

Can a high fever cause a groove in teeth at a young age?


Does lack of insulin will cause High blood glucose levels?

Yes it does.

High fever, trauma, and high fevers and diseases can call cause?

staining to the developing dentition.

Could leukemia cause a continual high temperature in an 8 year old boy?

Yes leukemia can cause fever. It also predisposes the patient to infections which can also cause fever.

Does candy cause glucose to go up?

Eating candy can cause a person's glucose to go up especially if the person has diabetes. If one has diabetes, glucose levels are affected by foods high in carbohydrates.

Can dehydration cause fevers to rise?

A low grade fever? Possibly; If you were dehydrated enough to the point of the body not be able to use sweat to cool down.A high fever? Probably not.

Do eating nectarine pits cause high fever?

no, this is a common mis beleif

How high of a fever is too high for a twenty year old female?

A fever of 103 is borderline cause for concern in a 20 year old female. It is important to contact a medical professional right away if fever persists.Ê

When they say fever how high of a fever?

98.6F is normal but anything above 100F is high but could be due to running, etc. A fever would be anything above 100F. A virus would cause this or a bacteria would produce a higher fever 102F and above.

Can dengue fever affect blood glucose levels?

stressful condition does ,in special fever.

Dangers of very high fevers?

A very high fever can cause brain cells to begin to die off.