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yes it will kill lice on clothes. a way to prevent lice if someone inur house has it is by puttin mayonase in your hair. it can be difficult to get and get rid of lice for all different cases. pick thesolution that fits what your problem is.

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Not enough to really matter. It will kill some but not enough to use the dryer as a disinfectant method. Uv radiation is the best method.

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Heat itself does not produce germs. However, heat can be a factor in creating the ideal environment in which bacteria can grow.

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Q: Does heat from a clothes dryer kill germs?
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How do you kill germs on clothing in washer?

Using Detergents, liquid bleach, and hot water will kill most common germs in the laundry. A trip the the dryer on high heat will help also. The outcome is NOT however a sterile environment. Hospitals use extremely high heat to sterilize linens for surgical use.

Do employers have to heat restrooms?

kill bacteria and germs i the air

What is heat sanitizing?

using the heat from an open flame source on the surface of an object to kill the germs and bacteria with intense heat.

Does ammonia kill germs?

I f Ammonia products don't claim on their labels that they kill germs, it's because they can NOT kill germs.

Does the friction from rubbing your hands together actually kill germs?

No , they cling on. It removes dead skin but not germs.

What germs do you kill in boiled water?

When you boil water, you will kill all germs that are in it.

Does soap kill germs?

Soap can kill germs but can't get rid of them permanently. They will keep coming back. Don't buy 'can kill 99.9% of germs because not only does it kill bad germs, but it kills the good ones too.

Does hot water kill germs or does cold water kill germs?

I know for sure hot water kills germs

Does burning the filter of a ciggarette after someone smokes kill germs?

well unless the filter is burned out i dont think any germs will be destroyed since the required exposure to heat is not enough

How do you clean and kill germs in your kitchen?

You can remove germs by washing your hands and bathing more and makeing sur your clothes dont get to dirty, but becareful to not clean yourself to much because some germs help you fight other germs.

Is calamansi can kill germs?

Calamansi can kill germs because of its acid. Just like vinegar...^_*

Does salt kill germs?

Yes, it kills most germs.