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Q: Does hearing protection help to prevent the cochlea from becoming damaged by long exposure to loud sounds?
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How is hearing affected if a person 's cochlea is damaged?

The cochlea is the part of the inner ear that takes vibrations, transferred from sound waves hitting the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and converts them into signals for the auditory nerve. Different parts of the cochlea "encode" different frequencies (pitches) of sound. Therefore, if only part of the cochlea is damaged, a person may lose the ability to hear certain frequencies of sound. If it is damaged enough, the person may lose the ability to hear completely in one ear.

What is cochlea damage?

The cochlea is the main hearing-related organ of the inner ear. When it is damaged, permanent hearing loss is the result. Tiny "hair cells" on the cochlea are responsible for sensing specific sounds, and cochlea damage is caused by the bending and/or breaking of these "hair cells."

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Which hearing problem is permanent a. the ear is blocked by wax b. the eardrum is damaged in an accident c. the cochlea can be damaged by a loud noise d. the middle ear can be clogged with mucus?

The permanent one is damage to the cochlea. Artificial implants are now available though.

What part of the ear is damaged most easily by by continued exposure to loud music?

the eardrum

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Loud sounds can cause damage to the?

Loud noises can damage the ear drum. Sometimes the cochlea can also be damaged which could cause permanant deafness. Wax in your ear canal can cause temporary deafness