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Q: Does he like you when he sleep over by you?
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How are dolphins social?

dolphins eat sleep and do many other things for social but over all they like to sleep and be intelligent

What did the Hupa tribe Indian people sleep on?

Something like a bed, they would sleep on the floor with lots of furs over and under them.

What do teenagers do on a sleep over?

they play truth or dare and have pillow fights talk about who they like

What to bring at a sleep over?

You should always bring a sleeping bag and pillow to a sleep over bring your fav stuffed animal and maybe a movie you think that your friends would like. Have fun!!

What are good sleep over jokes?

What is invisible and smells like carrots? A bunny fart.😝

When you have your first sleep over at a party do you have to have others?

If you don't have others, it isn't a sleep over; you're just going to sleep after your party.

Is it normal to hate sleepovers?

yes it up to u if u dont like sleep over it fine :)

What is a sleep over party?

a sleep over party is when you invite some of your friends over to your house to have a kind of slumber party.

Who does Xemnas look like?

Xemnas looked like Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep when Xemnas took over Terra's body.

How to say 'can they sleep over' in Korean?

' 그들은 잘 수 ' ' 그들은 잘 수 ' = 'can they sleep over'

Where does the badge brownie sleep over go?

because the dynamite in them go out of control and then it's like an explosion that's why

If you like what you get then you get what you like related to if you breathe when you sleep then you sleep when you breathe?

You do breathe when you sleep. Everyday you breathe so you don't always "sleep when you breathe".