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Q: Does hand sanitizer make you infertile?
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If you put hand sanitizer on dirt would the hand sanitizer get dirty or the dirt get clean?

Technically, since it's a hand sanitizer and sanitizer means "to make sanitary, as by cleaning or disinfecting" then obviously it's the dirt get cleaned and not the sanitizer get dirty.

Can hand sanitizer make you break out?

yes it can

Why did people make hand sanitizer?

to kill jerms

Can hand sanitizer make you sick?

It sure can if you drink it!

Can hand sanitizer make a male sterile?

From what I've heard and from what has been been said recently, there is an ingredient in hand sanitizer that makes males sterile. Hand sanitizer is known to kill bacteria but what is in the sanitizer gets absorbed into the body, which is what causes men to become sterile.

Was Purell hand sanitizer the first instant hand sanitizer?


Is hand-sanitizer a solution?

studies have shown hand sanitizer DOES NOT replace hand washing and in some cases may cause cancer.

Which is more dangerous to eat hand soap or hand sanitizer?

Probably Hand Sanitizer

Can you get rid of warts with hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer will not get rid of warts.

How much water is in hand sanitizer?

there is 5% water in hand sanitizer

What should you do if you drink hand sanitizer?

If you drink hand sanitizer you should probably rinse your mouth out with clean water. I know this because i have drank hand sanitizer. Next, make sure you are not alergic to it. If you are, i suggest that you go see your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Does hand sanitizer dry out your hands?

Some hand sanitizer does dry out your hands