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usually yes your whole body slows down a little bit unless you have the physiological age of a 40 year old haha

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Q: Does hair grow slower the older you are?
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Does mousse make your hair grow slower?


Does straightening your hair make it grow slower?

no it cannot it basically makes it grow.

Does having long hair make you grow slower in height?


If you dye your hair lots does it grow slower?

it doesnt effect the growth, but it does damage it and cause the ends to break off and make it appear to grow slower.

Why does hair grow darker as you get older?


How can you have long hair?

A hint to grow hair faster is to wash it less, it is an old trick as shampoo and conditioners make hair grow slower. Eat a lot of protein and sleep.

Does facial hair grow higher up your face as you grow older?


Does natural grow faster after you cut it?

Yes, hair does grow faster after you have them trimmed or cut them. This is due to the fact that sometimes hair can start to split and this causes hair to grow at a slower rate and cutting those split ends allows the hair to grow at a greater speed.

Do your reflexes get slower as you get older?

yes they do get slower as you get older

What products can you use to make facial hair grow slower or disappear?

Laser Treatment can permanently stop your hair growth

How does oily hair grow faster?

Im black. And in my opinion yes... Our hair is mostly kinky and in tight curls so it may grow a bit slower.. By: that black girl

What takes longer for a stalactite grow 1 cm or for a human hair to grow 1 cm?

A stalactite is very much slower.