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YES. The force of air from the hair dryer weakens the strength

of the origin of hair from where it grows. So the hairfall occurs.

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Q: Does hair dryermake you hair damage?
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Does texturizer damage your hair?

does texturizer damage your hair?

Can putting sharpie in your hair damage it?

Can putting sharpie on your hair damage it

Does dying your hair with a bleaching kit damage the hair?

yes ... dying hair with bleaching kit damage your hair.

Does kool aid highlights damage your hair?

No it is not going to damage your hair

What are some types of hair damage?

There are five main hair damage: medical damage photo chemical damage chemical damage thermal damage systemic damage

What kind of damage can the Corioliss hair straighteners cause to a person's hair?

A Corioliss hair straightener can leave damage such as burnt hair, dry hair, split ends, and coarse hair. This damage can be hard to reverse, and can be very unappealing.

When you use koolaid for hair dye does it damage the hair?

No, the kool - aid will not damage your hair because they made it for people to drink it so therefore it doesnt have any chemicals to damage your hair. :)

Does quasi damage the hair?

Well quasi does damage your hair because it has alot of poison in it and also if poison gets in your hair it is not a good idea peoples hair will die and they will be bald. So quasi does damage your hair

Does Sweat damage the hair?

Yes, but it dosent really damage the hair except for leaving a sweaty hair smell.

Do foils damage your hair?

Foils doesn't damage the hair. Normally your hair are foiled when you are getting lighteners/bleach applied. The bleach is what will damage your hair, cause breakage and or dry and brittle hair if not tooken care of properly.

Can hot styling tools permanently damage hair?

yes an can damage the tips of your hair and split them, it only permanetly damages your hair if the hair splits all the way to the roots of your hair :) you will only get damage if you use them very often :)

Do fusion extensions damage your hair?

They will not damage your hair if they are installed properly and as long as you take care of them.