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Hair grease does not make the hair grow. It suffocates the scalp and hinders any oxygen or a good circulation of blood in the scalp therefore actually reducing the likeliness that your hair will grow. HAIR GREASE DOES NOT MAKE OR HELP YOUR HAIR GROW AT ALL NO MATTER WHAT THE BOTTLE SAYS.

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Q: Does grease make your hair grow?
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What type of grease makes your hair grow?

There is not any type of grease that will make a persons hair grow. A persons hair grows by maintaining it properly with conditioners, cuts, and proper handling.

What hair grease makes hair grow longer?

Hair grease does not make hair grow longer sadly. However, keeping your hair healthy does make your hair grow longer without it breaking. To keep your hair healthy be sure to wash it frequently, and eat a balanced diet. Besure to avoid constantly bleaching, dyeing, curling, straightening and blow drying it.Hope this helpsmickaela

What hair grease grows your hair?

Grease is heavy, and it slows the growth of hair. Hair mayo, pink lotion, chi moisturizing spritz, and miracle-grow. Work very well, read the label make sure it reads light oil, or grease.

How can i get my hair to grow longer and thicker fast?

To make your hair grow longer you could try oiling it and giving it a trim- to make it get thicker then you'd have to try not washing it for a while and let natural grease into your hair to make it healthy [i think =) ]

Can hair grease make your eyebrows hairs grow back?

very much yes. oils clog your pores and grease just sound disgusting

Does petroleum jelly make your hair grow thicker?

Well i am a African American and petroleum jelly do make my hair thicker. but i don't know about your hair because we have to different Heads.. or u can use regular Vaseline or just use BLUE MAGIC GREASE?? it help grow it LONG AND THICK..

What can you use to grow your hair back?

i used dax hair grease on my hair and it take away some of my hair from the back what can i used to grow it back . the hairdresser use a product on my hair and some of my hair has broken off what can i use to grow back my hair all together

Dose oven grease work to grow facial hair?

No, it will just cause you to get pimples.

Does hoarse shampoo make your hair grow?

no the roots make your hair grow when you wash your hair

Can tcb hair grease make your hair grow faster?

no. taking care of your hair and eating healthy can only help your hair grow faster. your hair probably already grows as fast as the average person. it might just be damaged and breaking off, which gives the illusion that your hair is not growing. get your hair healthy, and you'll start noticing the growth.

Does tea make your hair grow?

no i do not think that tea make your hair grow

How to make your hair grow in a week Please help?

There is really no way to make your hair grow in a week. Hair will grow on its own time.