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No. Reason being is because the body is an environment upon itself and individualized. Each person has to find their own way of being healthy. So essentially the term 'good health' is irrelevant.

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Q: Does good health mean the absence of illness?
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What does health mean in world health organisation?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

What does Negative health and well being mean?

it means when you are free from disease and illness

What does re cooperate mean?

"Recover" means to regain health, strength, or normal state after an illness, injury, or setback.

What does health and safety knowledge mean?

"Health and safety knowledge" means information, and skills that relate to preserving or maintaining people free of illness, injury, etc.

What is a good cardiac mean?

Your heart is in good health.

What does rehabilition mean?

Rehabilitation is the process of recovering from an illness, injury, or addiction. Rehabilitation brings patients back to a state of health and wellness.

What does it mean when your in poor health?

You dont care of yourself like ur suppose to or you smoke too much or have an illness of sumsort..!!

What does ngiculela mean?

"Ngiculela" is a Zulu word that means "I am sick" or "I am unwell." It is used to communicate a state of illness or poor health.

Define health and name the components of health?

Health is the absense of disease and the absence of the perception of disease. Sometimes people "perceive" or believe they have a physical ailment but do not, hence the definition " the absence of the perception of disease". But health can also be defined by what it is (rather than what it is not, see above). Health is the perception of well-being and no apparent illnesses. "Components" of health is a bit broad as a question. Please use the discussion page to add detail about what you mean and what you'd like to know.

What does the right to health mean?

Make a good health by taking Good food Exercise No bad habits No stress

What is meant by being in a good state of health?

One of the synonyms of the word 'state' is 'condition'. So, if we replace the word state with condition, we would have 'a good condition of health'. A 'good condition of health' would mean someone or something is healthy. If I were to say that you were in a 'good state of health', it would mean you are healthy. That's a good thing!

What does doua mean?

to your good health??? does ya doua