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Germs are all over the place, literally, so yes possibly.

And dust is dead skin, so yes, probably, too.

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Q: Does germs or dust come out of your hair?
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Why is there hair in your nose?

The hair in your nose protects you by catching things like dust, germs, etc.

How does the respiratory system get rid of dust and germs?

It traps it using a filtering system of hair and mucous.

What is the job of the hair in the nose?

to keep the germs away the hair traps the germs

Why are your nostrils lined with hair?

The hair inside your nostrils works like a filter, protecting you from breathing in potentially dangerous particles. Nose hair traps dust, pollen, germs and fungus so you don't inhale them.

Is germs located more in hair or hands?

More germs are in the hair than hands!

What does the mucus in your nose do?

trap dust and germs and kill them

Dust is bad for your health?

Only with people who have asthma but dust may cary germs in the air

Do dust mites live in the hair?

No, dust mites don't live in a hair or our hair.

How do boogers help us?

They keep dust and germs out of our nose.

How can germs get on you?

From other things such as people, dust, air, water andeveryday things.

How does soap clean hair?

It helps to get out oil, dirt, and germs in your hair to make hair look better.

What is in a crack under the left little toe?

dirt, sickness, and billions of dust and germs