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Garlic oil is thought to have many properties beneficial to human health, one of which is improving the immune system and aiding defence against disease. However, herbal remedies should only be used as a supplement to regular medicine as they are not scientifically proven.

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Q: Does garlic oil help reduce colds?
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Can fish oil help with colds?

I do not think think so, fish oil going to help you in improving immune system and help in cold. Better to take dabur chyawanprash, it always keep you away from cold.

Can chickens eat garlic?

Yes, it's actually very good for them and is used as a natural wormer, a VERY powerful antibiotic, a cure for all kinds of infections - viral, fungal, AND bacterial, a cure and preventive for colds and flu, and many other uses. Garlic has huge potential as a medicine, both with people and pets. Chickens can be fed garlic cloves either whole (if you are feeding one or two birds individually), or can be fed chopped garlic. It's good to soak and store the cloves in vinegar, or make garlic oil (be careful with oil though as it can invite botulism).

How do you can mushrooms in oil vinegar and garlic?

For a salad, just slice the mushrooms and dice the garlic, add oil and vinegar. Salt pepper and herbs would be great. You can also sautee (lightly cook in butter) the sliced mushrooms and garlic. Then add a touch of oil and a splash of vinegar. Again salt and pepper would help.

What do you use garlic and goldenseal oil for?

how many ear drops of garlic goldenseal oil for an earacke

Can makeup foundation reduce oil in your skin?

nope, but it can reduce the appearance of it. i would recommend using a moisturiser and then applying foundation this will help suck up excess oil and again reduce the appearance.

What is a good aglio olio recipe?

1/2 cup olive oil 4 cloves garlic While frying garlic in the oil squash them with the back of a fork. This releases the flavour. Fry the garlic until golden brown. You must have the pasta cooked drained and in a serving bowl ready. Remove the garlic and pour the oil immediately over the pasta and mix in well. The secret is how quick you can get the oil over the pasta.

How many calories in steamed broccoli in garlic oil?

It depends on how much garlic oil you're using and what type. 1 cup of steamed broccoli alone has 55 calories in it. Then just add on how much garlic oil you used.

How does garlic lower blood pressure?

Yes, I highly recommend you try this remedy on a daily basis...fresh in olive oil or capsule form for an odorless supplement!

What can the government do to help the ocean?

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How do you use garlic oil?

salad or marinade

How does oil help machines work?

Oil is used in several ways, it can be a lubricant to help reduce friction in moving parts, a fuel to power machines, a hydrolic fluid to help transfer power and to prevent rust.

Is garlic use in anti biotic medicine?

Garlic oil is used in antibiotics Garlic also used for reduction of cholesterol, and improvement of partial impotence.