Does ford credit offer auto insurance?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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No they do not. Ford credit is a financial institution which finances the sale of cars to the public. Sometimes they offer types of insurance like credit life and credit disability that are insurance products which pay them high commissions. They also offer products called forced place coverage through other insurance companies that are used when people fail to keep the proper insurance on their vehicles financed by ford motor credit. This coverage is physical damage coverage only to cover the amount financed so that ford motor credit does not take a loss if the vehicle financed is damaged and the client did not have insurance. This coverage is very expensive, only covers ford motor credit, and the cost is added to the clients account. It is not an insurance policy and does not provide liability coverage or any other coverages needed.

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Q: Does ford credit offer auto insurance?
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How is Ford car insurance rated in the industry?

The Ford Motor Company offers their own insurance. You can review Ford Credit Insurance Services at their official website. They offer information on the program, types of coverage available, and benefits provided.

Can you purchase GAP insurance from ford motor credit after you financial your vehicle?

I have found that it's cheapest to buy that type of coverage from your insurance policy. Some offer this type of coverage and some do not. Shop around.

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