Does flouride prevent goiter

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Does flouride prevent goiter
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Name the chemical that helps prevent tooth decay?


What vitamins prevent from goiter?

No, vitamin C does not prevent goiter; the nutrient that you need in order to prevent goiter is iodine, which most people get by using iodized salt. Sea food is also a good source of dietary iodine.

What is iodine uses for every day life?

prevent goiter

What herbal medicine foy your toxic goiter?

I think virgin oil from coconut ... they must avoid drinks containing aspartame..drinking tap water with flouride helps regulate the presence of iodine.

What chemical can be found in your drinking water that helps prevent cavities in your teeth?


Why do seafoods prevent goiter?

Because sea foods are the foods that can avoid the disorder Goiter. So people far from the sea or people that not eat sea foods will have a chance to have the disorder Goiter. you ******** - shitters

Which products contain fluoride?

Flouride toothpaste one of the most obvious product containing flouride. Then there is mouthwash, antibiotics, tap water, vaccine and much much more. Even food items that we consume contain flouride and some of these are: Spinach, Grape Juice and pickles. Flouride is an element and is good for teeth and in 1940's flouride was added to the water to prevent tooth decay and all the products sold were flouride free but in today's day there are plenty of product sold with flouride which suggests that we may be injesting too much flouride that could turn to be harmful for our bodies.

What element is added to table salt?

Goiter is a problem with the thyroid gland, most commonly caused by an iodine-deficiency disease. You can prevent or cure it by eating seafoods which are rich in iodine, or by using iodized table salt.

Why do you use fluoride tubes to collect blood samples for glucose estimation in the laboratory?

flouride inhibits an enzyme involved in glycolysis. In order to prevent glycolysis in the drawn blood, tubes containing flouride are used.

What is a goiter. What happens when you get a goiter?

Goiter is the enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Why don't people who eat sea food suffer from goiter?

Goiter is a condition of the thyroid gland (in the neck) caused by a deficiency of the element "Iodine" in the diet. Seawater/Sea salt contains Iodine and so do the animals that live in the sea. Therefore eating animals containing Iodine (sea food) will help prevent goiter.