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Not everyone in the same family has the same blood type. There are two separate genes that determine the blood type a person will have. One is for type such as O, A, AB, or B. The other determines if the blood will be positive or negative. It depends on which genes a person is born with. Both genes are on different chromosomes.

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Q: Does everybody in the same family have the same blood type?
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Does the Jonas brothers have blood type?

everybody have a blood type!

What are matching blood types?

A mother and child will usually have the same blood types. You can visit your family doctor for blood typing in a family. Another way is the have a complete blood type history done on your whole family.

Why do you have the same blood types in your family?

Genes and traits get passed just like if your dad had bbrown hair and your mom had blonde hair you would either have brown or blonde so you either get your dad's family blood type or your mom's family's blood type

Can siblings blood transfer to same sibling in the same family?

Most of the time, siblings will share the same blood type. Being able to donate blood to a sibling (or anyone) does not depend on the relation, but rather on the blood type. For a detailed chart on which blood types match with one another, visit the website in the "sources and related links" below.

Can you inject blood straight into your vein?

As long as its your own blood, or of the same blood type. As long as its your own blood, or of the same blood type.

Can a women with type a blood and a guy with type ab blood have a klid with type o blood?

Depends on family tree.

What is considered healthy food for blood type O people?

People with blood type O can eat the same food as any other person. A heathy diet is the same for everyone. Consult your family doctor or dietician for more information.

What are some interesting facts about blood type o?

everybody has different blood group. According to my knowledge, blood type o is considered one of the most important type of blood. A person will have this type of blood depending on what they eat during their first years of life. there are also other type of blood such as A,B and AB.

Should children have same blood type as parents?

No. Often a child can have a completely different blood type from their parents or even the same. It really depends on their genetics.Some combinations of parents are unable to get children with certain blood types - assuming no mutations occur.Regarding the AB0-system:If both parents have blood type 0, all their children will have blood type 0.If both parents have blood type A, no children will have blood type B or AB.If both parents have blood type B, no children will have blood type A or AB.If both parents have blood type AB, no children will have blood type 0.Of course you can be more specific if you know the parents' genes.

Can a person with type o plus receive blood from a person that has a plus blood?

no O's get ONLY from O but O can give to everybody

Can 1 twin have A blood type and the other O blood type?

They can, But it is more common for them to have the same blood type.

What blood type are you, and is one better than another?

I am type O- which is great because if any of my family needs blood I am always ready t donate. Yet the other way around if I need blood then I would have to find an individual with the same type with is about 12% of the population.