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Q: Does evaporation rate affect crystal size?
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How does the size of the body of the water affect on evaporation rate?

A greater water area produce a higher evaporation.

How does the rate of evaporation affect crystal growth and why?

When attempting to crystalize a material, it is important to understand that the slower the crystal grows, the purer the final crystal will be. This is because if the temperature or polarity or pressure or related crytal growth factor is changed too rapidly, it will cause multiple chemicals within the solution to "crash out" By a similar logic, the rate of evaporation effects crystal growth because the faster it is, the less solution there is and, as such, the solubility of virtually all compounds decreases. If you have a rate of evaporation that is too fast, the solubilites of many chemical compounds (impurities) will change along with the solubility of the compound you are trying to crystalize and your crystal will have impurites. However, having a rate of evaportation that is too low can also dramtically increase the time of crystalization!

What is a factor that controls grain size in igneos rocks?

Crystal size in igneous rocks is controlled by the rate of cooling whereby the slower the rate, the larger the size of crystal.

What determines the size of a mineral crystal formed from magma?

The rate at which magma cools determines the size of the mineral crystal.

What are three things crystal size dependent on?

Primarily the cooling rate of the mineral compound.The faster the rate cooling smaller the crystal size of the mineral.Consequently, large crystal specimins are derived from igneous bodies with a very slow rate of cooling.

Does the rate of cooling increasing make a crystal increase?

Yes, increasing the rate of cooling can lead to smaller crystal formation due to limited time for crystals to grow. Rapid cooling prevents atoms from arranging into a larger crystal lattice structure.

Does the shape or size of a container effect the rate of evaporation?

Yes, the size of a container can affect the rate of evaporation. A larger container will have more surface area, allowing for more molecules to escape and evaporate. However, the shape of the container typically has less effect on the rate of evaporation, as it is primarily the surface area that influences the rate.

What determines the size of a minerals crystals?

The rate at which magma cools determines the size of the mineral crystal.

Size of sedimentary mineral crystal grain?

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What is the affect of temperature on crystal growth?

Temperature doesn't really affect the crystal size; the rate of cooling is the major factor. The faster the mineral, rock, etc. (whatever has the crystals) cools, the smaller the crystals- the slower the larger. If you were "growing" crystals with a set, the warmer the temperature generally means the larger the crystals.