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No, dying your hair with FDA approved standard dying agents, available to the general public, does not make you prematurely gray. Heredity is a primary factor in premature graying. Others may include certain diseases, nutrient deprivation and vitamin deficiencies, stress...

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Q: Does dying your hair make you gray early?
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Can a visit to a different country make hair go gray?

Going to a different country will not necessarily make your hair turn gray. How early someone may get gray hair is determined by our genes. Most people get gray hairs around the same age their grandparents got gray hairs. In addition, stress can damage the melanin, which gives the growing shaft of hair it's color.

How is dying your in school may improve your hair?

Dying hair will make your hair smooth which makes your hair smooth for a few days

Does dying gray hairs make more gray hairs?

no the die just wares off

How do you make gray hair shine?

There is a product that is called Shimmering lights that you can use for gray hair. They make this product in both the shampoo and conditioner. It brightens white and gray hair and neutralizes yellow tones in the hair while it conditions your hair. It is a great product and are made just for gray and faded highlighted hair.

How can dying your hair make you die?

eating your toe

Does applying colour to gray hairs increases gray hair?

No. However, it may make you more aware of the process of gray hair occurrence -- a psycholoigcal effect.

Could dying your hair make hair dry out?

That's a possibility. Especially if you're dying your roots. This gets rid of the natural oil your body provides that keeps your hair healthy.

Does hair dye make you lose hair faster?

I am 24 and have been dying and bleaching my hair since I was 14. I have naturally thick, wavy hair and my hair is still just as thick a it was before I started dying it on a regular basis. In no way is dying you hair good for it, it strips it of nutrients and often time makes your hair very dry and frizzy, especially if you use bleach. But I don't believe that dying your hair will make it fall out any faster than normal. If you plan on dying your hair, make sure you use a good, deep conditioner after, and continue to use a good brand of shampoo, conditioner and haircare products.

Is hair dying good for hair?

It is depending on what hair dye you get. Make sure not to dye your hair to many times in a month or it may damage your hair.

How do you make your hair look redder without dying it?

Try a henna rinse.

Can the sun turn your hair gray?

I dont think it does i think it just makes it a bit lighter.......

How does toners affects the hair?

Toners make hair darker without it looking unnatural, unlike just plain dying it.