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I'm not quite sure but coke was a type of bitter medicine a long time ago. the inventor used coke when people were sick in very cold places. as he grew older, he sold coke to another guy. this new guy turned coke medicine into CocaCola.

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Q: Does drinking coke while taking medicine?
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Drinking cola is not good for you, on more than one level. The effects are cumulative; so, while one coke might surely be overcome, a habit of drinking soda will surely catch up to you.

Will drinking Diet Coke affect you getting pregnant?

Drinking diet coke has no influence on getting pregnant.

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for drinking coke...

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== ==

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Not if you're using Diet Coke. In fact, many people have said there is actually a slight dip in blood sugars after drinking.

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actually you will just get really fat

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No, all kids 9-15 are allowed to have coke as long as they are healthy

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No, but it will do your health no good!