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I dont think so because some of my family drinks and their joints are going to hell.

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Q: Does drinking alcohol reduce inflammation in your joints?
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What is the effect of drinking alcohol on penicillin?

Drinking alcohol can reduce the theraputic effectiveness of an antibiotic such as penicillin.

Can a urine infection be caused by drinking alcohol?

No. Alcohol tends to reduce infections.

How can alcohol effect your kidneys?

Drinking alcohol can help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

What does alcohol do to your center of gravity?

Drinking alcohol doesn't change a person's center of gravity but drinking too much can reduce a person's equilibrium.

Does nopalea help arthritis?

In answer to your question Nopalea does reduce inflammation. Arthritis is basically the inflammation of the joints. In my experience people who continually consume this Nopal cactus juice have a dramatic reduction in inflammation and pain. The key is to consume enough of Nopalea to reduce the inflammation that has been building up for a period of time.

How do you stop binge drinking?

Reduce the rate of alcohol consumption sufficiently.

What is the temperance movement?

a campaign to stop the drinking of alcohol

How much alcohol will diluted with water?

The impact of drinking alcohol depends upon the quantity of alcohol that you drink. If you are also drinking water along with your alcohol, that does not alter the impact of the alcohol (although it can reduce the severity of the subsequent hangover).

How does cortisone reduce swelling?

Cortisone injections mimic the effects of steroid hormones on the body. Steroid hormones reduce inflammation in muscles and joints which reduces swelling.

Is it true that if you drink horses milk mixed with alcohol it will reduce the drinking problem?

No, the story is that if you drink fermented horses milk (14% alcohol) it helps you get over drinking vodka (30% alcohol). Or just drink less vodka.

Eating food or drinking coffee will cause alcohol to leave your body faster?

No, only time will reduce the level of alcohol in a person's body.

How does someone get affected by orencia?

Orencia is not a disease, but is instead a treatment. It is used for the treatment or rheumatoid arthritis. It can reduce pain and inflammation, as well as damage to to your tissue and joints.