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Dxm will make you dizzy if taken in large amounts. Look at the label or find out how muh dxm is in it. Make sure it is the ONLY active ingredient. 500 milligrams will be the amount where you see doubles, have blurry vision, little or no feeling the mouth, feelings of dissosociation, and many other great effects. It makes music sound extremely pure and clean but sometimes varies from person to person, he "infamous" robo walk comes around at that level as well due to an odd sense of center of gravity. However all of these things go away once your mind has adjusted to it. I''m not talking about your tolerance, im talking about your state of mind. Some people say that this drug can lead to olnry lesions but there is no actual proof, and i believe there isn't actually enough known about the brain to make a factual conclusion on whether or not it is bad for the brain. However from extended use of this drug i believe that it has far too many positive effects to be outweighed by the bad ones.

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Q: Does dextromethrorphan 30 make you dizzy?
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