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Q: Does covering your nose when you sneeze with your arm reduce germs?
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Why should you wash your hands when you sneeze?

we cannot control it when suddenly expel air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of the nostrils. we have to keep handkerchief on the nose and mouth

What is the function of hair in the nose?

it catches all the icky germs that you're sniffing in all the time then, when you sneeze it blows them all out!

How does sneezing protect us against germs?

It protects you from everything that you have breathed in through your nose that can not be good to breath in like dust or something like that and if you sneeze you can clean out your nose.

What does a doctor do to find out why people are sick?

because germs are spread out. But its mostly because people don't cover their nose when they sneeze or cough.

Why can't you stop a sneeze?

Sneezing, also called sternutation, is an involuntary, sudden and violent rush of air out through the nose and mouth. The body takes this action to get rid of irritating or harmful objects in the nose. Sneezing aids the body, but can be harmful to other people. For example, the nose fills with congestion that contains germs when a person has a cold. Sneezing helps clear the nose. But unless the sneezer covers the mouth and nose, the germs escape into the air and may infect others.

How many germs are there in a sneeze?

Because it still comes from your insides and it's built up. Sneezing is the body's way of getting rid of germs. The mucus builds up in the nose to catch all the germs that we breathe in and when we sneeze we get rid of them. So they can spread then to others.

Where sneeze came from?

sneeze of course comes from the nose.

Can a sneeze tickle?

Your nose usually tickles before you sneeze.

Why does your nose run and what causes a sneeze?

your nose runs to expell bacteria/viruses that have been caught in the mucus. a sneeze is caused by an irritation in the nose

Why does your nose run after you sneeze?

To help wash out your nose, making sure that whatever made you sneeze is totally gone.

How would you use sneeze in a sentence?

Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

What is a sneeze?

A sneeze is an involuntary expulsion of air induced by an irritation in the nose.