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Only if the transmission was damaged in an accident. Auto Insurance does not pay for maintenance or mechanical repairs that are not the result of an accidental loss.

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Q: Does comprehensive insurance cover transmission work?
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Does comprehensive auto insurance cover transmission work?

Not unless the transmission was damaged in an auto accident. Auto Insurance does not cover maintenance nor does it cover normal wear and tear.

If a tree fell on your car at work who pays?

Your auto insurance will cover the damage to your vehicle if you have comprehensive coverage. The Comprehensive portion of your auto insurance covers damage resulting from an act of nature.

What is work cover?

Work cover is a compulsory insurance scheme. It is contributed by the Victorian employers. It provides businesses with insurance cover.

Does your car insurance cover car rental?

There are exceptions to this but normally the car rental firms insurance covers the the car, if in doubt always get CDW when renting a car (Collision Damage Waver) if you have OPCF 27 on your car insurance then your insurance will cover the rental car, its called the Laibility for damage to non-owned automobiles. you must have collision and comprehensive for this coverage to work.

Does most commercial truck insurance cover out of state work?

out of state truck insurance only covers you if you have bought interstate insurance. it will not cover you if you only have local insurance. along with that for interstate work the truck must be tagged for interstate work

In case a client sues what type of insurance do massage therapists buy to cover their work?

In case a client sues, what type of insurance do MT's buy to cover their work?

Does medical insurance ever cover medically necessary emergency trips to the dentist?

The answer depends entirely on your particular health insurance provider. The majority of providers do not cover any dental work, including work that may be deemed medically necessary, unless you have purchased an additional premium package that specifically covers things such as dental, vision, and hearing. Contact your health insurance provider for accurate information and answers. It depends entirely on your individual insurance plan. A more comprehensive plan may cover a medical dental emergency, but most dental emergencies will require separate dental insurance.

What are some examples of things business insurance would cover?

There are numerous possible examples of things that business insurance would cover. Business insurance will cover things such as property damage and work casualties.

Dental work was done when I did not have dental insurance and now that I have it can it be used?

Your insurance is good for any work you have done from this point forward. It does not cover work that was performed prior to having the insurance.

Can my husband's company make me cover myself with insurance just because I work and am offered insurance?


What exaclty is contractor insurance?

Contractor insurance is when contractors get injured or hurt during work. The insurance is supposed to cover or partially cover their medical bill for the hospital.

What should employers liability insurance cover?

Employer's liability insurance exists to protect an employer from an employee's insurance claims from conditions resulting from work. The insurance should cover medical costs and some lost wages.