Does cold air conditioning make you sleepy?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes it does!

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Q: Does cold air conditioning make you sleepy?
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Does air conditioning make you sleepy?

It shouldn't. If you start feeling sleepy, light headed, etc. whenever you turn on your air conditioning, it may possibly be caused by a refrigerant leak in the evaporator.

Does cold air in the workplace make you sleepy?

no cold air makes you you feel up your energy when your skin starts to freeze.

Why does cold air make you sleepy?

It does for me because it makes it harder to breathe. I have asthma.

Why does cold air from the air conditioner make you sleepy?

yes, because it is so cold that your body just relaxes or you maybe come rest less because, body will cool down and put you into sleep and that's why cold air makes you sleepy.

Does being cold from air conditioning make you more tired?


Why does my Air conditioning get cold on civic?

because that's what air conditioning does. it cools the air.

You are in UAE and its hot here as soon as you get into your car you feel sleepy?

Turn on the air conditioning.

Is air conditioning bad for your health?

I believe that air conditioning is bad for you because it makes you sleepy. - Intelligent Response: Air conditioning has a small list of complications linked to it such as aggrivating arthritis, neurosis, and sinus inflamation. There is also some showing of micro orgasms that end up in air conditioning units that cause breathing troubles. When sleeping in Air Conditioning, if left on it can make one sick. That is what I found out on a quick search for information.

What exactly is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is removing hot air with cold air. For example we use air conditioner that removes hot air by blowing cold air from a refrigeration cycle into a room.

Where does the air come from for air conditioning in the car?

The air comes from the air outside and the air conditioning system in the car turns this into cold or warm air.

How do you make a cold bed for a cat?

you could put a cushion over an air conditioning vent on the floor.

How cold should air conditioning get?

It depends on how cold you want the area that your using the air conditioner on.