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Yes. Only strong coffee. Coffee is known to help a cold to go away because of the strong taste with alot of calories. A faster way for that cold to go away is to add 3 tsp. of sugar. People also drink it whenever they have a runny nose.

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Q: Does coffee help a cold to go away?
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What foods can help your cold sore go away?

pickles or cucumbers

What places are good for cold brew coffee?

You can purchase cold brew iced coffee online from the Keurig website. Alternatively, you can also get this coffee from websites such as Go Coffee Go.

Does ice help fever blisters go away?

Ice will help the pain, but not help to remove the cold sore.

When was Go Away - Cold song - created?

Go Away - Cold song - was created in 1998.

How do you make a cold go away in a day?

There is not a way to make a cold go away in a day. When having a cold you have to let it run it's course.

Does rubbing bruises help them go away?

no it doesn't help. what you should do is place a cold item in a wraped in a tea towle or a bath towel and place it on the bruise

Is smoothies bad for coughs and colds?

no because if it has fruit in it it can help your cough and cold to go away faster in just one day :)

What should you do for the common cold to go away fast?

Once you have it hthe only thing that may help is to boost the vitamins especial vitamin C.

My girlfriend and I broke up because I was moving away to go to college but now im moving back and it seems she wants nothing to do with me Is it pointless to try to get back with her?

Never rewarm cold coffee !! It becomes bitter

Does sprite help the common cold?

Any liquids certainly help but as far as making the cold go quicker, no it does not.

What would indicate that a person has entered the exhaustion stage of stress?

exercising more than usual

What can cure a headache and why?

to get rid of a headache you need to get rest or eat something spicy. massages help get rid of headaches. if you massage the top of your nose the headache can go away too. put a cold towel or ice pack on your forehead to make it go away.