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no it does not mean you would test clean to get rid of the substance you should just drink a ton of water. I've found however that cranberry juice does the same thing just a little faster. but if you don't wanna drink a lot of water it will exit your system naturally in 3-8 weeks depending on your weight

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Q: Does clear urine mean your clean of weed?
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Does it mean when your urine is clear that your urine is clean of drugs?

Having clear urine does not necessarily mean that it is free of drugs. Drug presence in urine depends on the substances consumed and their detection window. A drug test specifically designed to detect drugs is required for an accurate assessment.

How do you get weed out of your system using home remedies?

Clean urine of pcp

If you have not used weed in 8 months Will you be clean?

Your hair might have remains, but most drug tests use urine, and yes, your urine will be clean.

How long before weed shows clear in urine?

30-60 days

How long after smoking weed is your urine clean?

generally it takes about a month to clean weed out of your system, yet it all depends on how much you smoke and how often you smoke that amount.

Can cephalexin clean THC out of your urine?

Will cephalexin clean my body out from cocaine weed in 5

What can i take to clean weed out of urine but still be able to show my medicine?

Nothing will remove it. The drug is in hair and fat cells too.

Can homegrown weed be in your urine?

Weed is weed. If you smoke homegrown weed you will come up positive for weed.

You smoked weed for the first time yesterday in 2 months when will you be clean?

it usually takes about 90 days to clear your system.

You are 102 pounds drink a lot of tea and water everyday and have a very fast metabolism If you smoked weed 3 days ago how long until your urine is clean?

If you weigh 102 pounds, drink a lot of tea and water every day, and have a fast metabolism, weed would stay in your system anywhere from two days to 11 weeks. How long it will take for your urine to test clean depends on how long you have been smoking the weed.

How long does it take azo to clean your system for weed?

Azo, or azo compounds, are not effective in cleaning your system of THC, the active component in marijuana. These compounds are primarily used in medications for urinary pain relief and bladder health, and do not have detoxifying properties. The most effective way to clear THC from your system is to allow enough time for your body to metabolize and eliminate it naturally.

Can weed absorb through your skin and cause you to fail a urine test?

Why were you rubbing weed on your skin?