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Yes.. Very much so.

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Q: Does ciprofloxacin anti biotic cause tiredness?
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Can amoxicillin cause giddiness?

No, it is an anti-biotic with little to no reported psycho-active compounds.

Do anti-depressents cause breathlessness and weakness?

That isn't really a common side effect... Sometimes it causes fatigue and tiredness, but not weakness.

Can cephalexin cause anxiety?

no it cannot chephalexin is an anti biotic it will not cause anxiety but if you are experiencing severe anxiety you may want to see a doctor there are numerous things that could be causing it

Can amoxillin cause a seizure?

Anti-biotics can lower the seizure threshold, as can being sick. So if someone is sick and/or is on anti-biotics they could be more likely to get a seizure. That does not mean that the anti-biotic they are taking is responsible for them getting a seizure. So Amoxillin could not be said to cause seizures.

Use the word biotic in a sentence?

you should not rely on anti Biotics. The biotic treatment might not work.

Is there a cure for bacteria?

Yes, it is called an anti-biotic

Examples of regulated drugs and their meaning?

anti biotic

What anti biotic do you take for a lower UTI?


Is pennicillin same as Ibuprofen?

No it is not at all the same. Pennicillin is an anti-biotic and ibuprofen is an anti-inflammitory.

How much is the most expensive anti biotic?

one billion$

What was the first anti biotic?

the first antibiotic was for the plaque and polio

Who invented the anti biotic?

louie was the 1st person to invent antbiotics