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Q: Does christian beadles and larami pickle sound a good couple?
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Why do children in Norway hide a pickle on Christmas?

There are a couple of stories. The most common is that an evil inn keeper stuffed a couple of boys in a pickle barrel. Santa found them and freed them with his magical staff. To celebrate the boys being saved, families hang a glass pickle on the tree. The pickle, being the same color as the tree is hard to find. The first child to find the pickle gets an extra gift from Santa.

What does Pickle nugget mean?

In the last couple of years it has become very popular to make pickles in cubes instead of slices. I believe this is what a "pickle nugget" would be referring to.

How do you make pickle flavored sunflower seeds?

People can make sunflowers seeds that are flavored by dill pickles, by soaking the seeds in a jar of pickle juice. Sunflower seeds should be soaked in the pickle juice for a couple days.

Where to buy popsicle stick bridge?

my little pickle had a pickle that named his pickle pickle. pickle walked for a long pickle and then pickled. pickle was pickled, so he pickled. then he woke up and realized he was a dookie and not a pickle.

Can you pickle a pickled pickle?

Surprisingly yes you can pickle a pickle but when you do that the pickle doesn't taste very good anymore.

Who is da pickle?

Da pickle is da pickle.

What is the difference between a pickle and a pickle?

A pickle is a marinated cucumber. To be in a pickle is to be in a jam, in a problem situation.

You can be in a pickle or in a?

You can be in a pickle or in a jam



Can you pickle jalapenos the same way you pickle cucumbers?

if u pickle jalapenos u make a hot pickle

What is the plural of pickle?

The plural of pickle is pickles.

A small cucumber that has been preserved in vinegar?

a cucumber that has been preserved in vinegar is called a pickle