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Q: Does bran flakes make your urine very yellow?
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Who makes Country Corn Flakes?

The company that makes Corn Flakes is Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company. The company was started in 1906. The flakes are sprayed with vitamins and minerals to make them nutritious.

Will msm in glucosamine and chondrotin make your urine yellow?

Msm in glucosamine and chondroitin can make your urine yellow. This is because it is passed through urine after being processed by the body.

What happen if urine comes yellow in color is that a disease?

b vitamins can make the urine bright yellow

What does cirrhosis do with urine?

It may make urine dark yellow or brown

Does jasmine tea make your urine yellow?


Do carrots eaten daily cause the urine to be soimetimes bright yellow?

As you may already know, beans change your urine to the slightest green, asparagus make your urine smell negative, and radishes make your urine pink! However, the big question is, what color does carrots make you urine? After a long discussion with my fellow coworker, we researched that carrots make your urine YELLOW :)

Does cyanocobalamin make urine bright yellow?

Both cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) and vitamin B2 can cause bright yellow urine.

Why sometimes urine in yellow and How can we control it?

Yellow urine is caused by some degree of dehydration. Drink water, and make sure you have enough salt in your body.

Can enzyplex tablets make urine yellow?

lex tablets can be pound

Can you substitute wheat bran for bran flakes?

Wheat bran is slightly lighter in weight, but it shouldn't make that much difference. It probably has a little more of a flavor, but is probably not a big enough factor in any recipe to matter.

If b vitamins make your urine yellow is the dosage too high?

Yes and no. The urine turns yellow because of the presence of the excess B2 vitamins. Your body has absorbed what it is using the excess has been diluted and expelled in the urine.

Will this supplement make my urine smell funny?

All B-Complex vitamins get excreted through urine so urine will have yellow color and will smell different.