Does bottled water expire

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Sort of. Although water itself cannot rot or "expire", over time a plastic bottle will leach hydrocarbons into the water (especially if the bottle is exposed to head or light). This will first make the water taste bad, and eventually render it undrinkable. Water bottled in glass will not have these problems.

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yes but it would actually take a very long time to become undrinkable. If the bottle is unopened and the water pure it can stay drinkable for many years. The makers of bottled water have to add an expiry date by law, but in reality it's not really needed.

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Q: Does bottled water expire
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Could bottled water expire?

Yes it can, if bacteria gets inside the water.

Use the bottled in a sentence?

Please grab the bottled water in the fridge!=Do not let the bottled water go to waste. The bottled water in the pantry is Aquafinas, not Zephyrhills. =P Lolz..=

What is the difference between bottled spring water and bottled distilled water?


Is bottled water good or bad?

Bottled water is water in a bottle. Sometimes it's chlorinated, or some water that has been treated by either reverse osmosis or other ways. Supposedly it suppose to be healthier water, but in all truth... you remove all the bacteria, you lower your immunity. Ever notice that water IN water bottles EXPIRES? Natural water doesn't expire.

Is bottled water an element?

Bottled water, like any other water, is still H20.

When was bottled water invented?

Charles Pinth invented bottled water in 1813. Dasani and Aquafina are 2 of the most popular brands of bottled water.

Why did they make bottled water?

They made bottled water so that people can have portable water wherever they go.

Do chameleons drink bottled or tap water?

Bottled water that is purified would be best.

Does tap water cost more then bottled water?

Actually tap water is more regulated and pure than bottled water

Difference between bottled spring water and bottled mineral water?

Mineral water has minerals in it but spring water dosent.

Is bottled water soft water?

Bottled water is not necessarily soft water. Much of the bottled water sold in stores is plain tap water, some is from springs containing various minerals in solution, and some is distilled water.

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