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Not typically. The insurance is typically in the name of the person to whom the car is registered and this is not always the name shown on the title.

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Q: Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the title owner in Michigan?
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What is owner's policy title insurance?

An owners policy refers to a title insurance policy issued to the property owner not the lender. It provides protection to the owner of the property and is normally purchased at the time you settle on the purchase transaction. If the prior owner purchased an owners policy on the property prior to the new sale a discount called reissue rate may be applied if you can provide the prior policy information. The discount can be significant.

When you refinance a mortgage can you get a refund on title insurance paid on the existing loan either lender's or owner's policies?

In many states, there is a discounted refinance rates for the premium. Ask the title insurance agent who is doing the new Mortgage Policy if you qualify for a discount. There are no discounts that I know of, on an Owner's Policy, since when a new Owner's Policy issued, it means the property and chain of title, has transferred hands.

When does title insurance begin?

It begins at the time and date of recording of the vesting instrument, which is generally either the deed (for an owner's policy), or the mortgage (for a lender's policy).

Why have owners Title insurance and title insurance?

The lender requires a policy at time of purchase or refinance to protect itself, but this policy provides no coverage whatsoever for the owner in case of a title defect. The owner should purchase an owner's policy at the time they buy the house to cover their interest. They will not need to purchase another owner's policy when they refinance. The policy will cover them as long as they own the house. Added by Title Geek: The OWNER'S policy covers/discovers the history of owner's in the property as well as identifies easements, condition, prior agreements, rights of ways and many other matters affecting the property. The Owner's policy insures to the date you purchased and recorded the new deed into your name. It does not cover YOUR acts after you have purchased the property. The MORTGAGE policy covers the Lender's financial interest into the property. All lender's require mortgage title insurance on a purchase or refinance to cover their financial interest in the property. They will require updated coverage on a Mortgage Modification. In many cases, they waive title insurance on a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), based on the amount of the HELOC. Typically, if the HELOC is less than $50,000.00, they may not require title coverage.

What can be done when the title search on property was incorrect and did not detect lien?

Contact the attorney who represented you when you purchased the property to make a claim on your title insurance policy. If you don't have an owner's policy see if the attorney has errors and omissions insurance that will cover the error.

The most extensive title coverage would be?

Title insurance costs are regional. You need to contact a title insurance company in your area. You will need to have a professional title examination done to get an owner's policy. The title insurance company can refer you to an agent. There aren't any other options that I know of.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the title owner in Texas?

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How to go about finding the company that holds your property title insurance?

In most cases the title company that closed your loan is the agent for the title insurance company, and can be contacted regarding insurance issued on your property.AnswerContact the Agency that issued the title insurance at time of closing. If an Owner's Policy was paid for, they should have issued you an actual insurance policy, complete with a Title Jacket and Policy Number. If you never received this and paid for one, request an original or a certified copy of it. The Policy will reference the title UNDERWRITING COMPANY that is insuring the Policy. ie: First American, Stewart, Chicago,etc. That is who the actual COMPANY. The agency only acts in behalf of the Underwriter and is not the actual insurer.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as on the title?

does the name on the insurance policy have to be the same as the title in anderson south carolina

Who is responsible for hail damage that happened while a car was repossessed?

The owner of the car listed on the insurance policy.

How do you switch a title to a new owner?

Title to real property is transferred to a new owner by a written document called a deed. Title insurance cannot be transferred to a new owner. Each owner must purchase their own title insurance.

Who pays for Title Insurance in Marion County Florida?

If the transaction is a refinance, then the borrower (current owner), pays for the Mortgage Title Insurance, for coverage on the new loan. If the transaction is a purchase, the title insurance fees are negotiable and either buyer, seller or both can pay the fees as per what is regional practice or what has been negotiated into the sales contract. All states vary, yet who pays on a purchase is always an elective and negotiable between the parties involved as to the Owner's Policy. Typically the new buyer pays for the Mortgage Policy regardless as to who is paying for the Owner's policy.