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I would not insured a rebuilt vehicle because no matter what there is always going to be an issue if the vehicle is totaled as to what the value of the vehicle is. You and I know that a vehicle with a rebuilt title will be worth less that a vehicle with a clear title. I would use a stated value policy to value the vehicle so that there is no misunderstanding if an accident occurred.

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Q: Does any auto insurance in Florida cover car with rebuilt title?
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How could I get an insurance policy for a car with a rebuilt title in Florida?

no i don't think you can you can get a title for a total in florida

How do you get a rebuilt title changed to a clear title in Florida?

You should Inquire at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

Rebuilt title mean?

It means the car was totaled by an insurance company and rebuilt (to hopefully roadworthy standards!)

Where are title insurance schools in south Florida?

Continuing Education courses for Florida Title Insurance Agents are available online at

Does homeowners insurance cover the lenders title insurance?

No it does not. Lenders Title insurance is a whole other form of coverage

Does title insurance cover zoning defects?


Does my insurance cover a friend driving my car?

yes because if you have insurance on your car as long as you name is on the title and you were in the car with your friend most likely the insurance will cover it

How much does title insurance cost in Florida for 55000 home?


Does Florida law require title insurance to transfer a property title?

No, Florida law does not require that title insurance be issued. The only requirement to transferring title, is that a proper deed be recorded. However, having said that, if you are buying a property from someone, title insurance is greatly recommended. Title Insurance is the only thing that protects you in the event you receive a fraudulent title, or you later find out that there are undisclosed liens or encumbrances against the title. I would never buy any property without the protection of a title insurance policy. If, on the other hand, your parents are transferring to you their property, and you already know the history of the title, title insurance would not be needed.

Claims adjuster is saying my truck may be totaled it has a rebuilt title how much can I expect to loose Do you receive wholesale trade in or retail value minus the for rebuilt title?

I cannot answer your question but I do know that insurance companies use "fair market value" which means they can use the fact it has a rebuilt title in their concideration. If you do not agree with their estimate you can appeal it (may require a court visit)

Does title insurance cover errors in property lines?

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Can you provide an estimate for an Abstract of Title versus full Title Insurance for a 130000 dollar house in Florida?

An Abstract of Title in Florida could be as little as $200, depending on what the title company or agent was willing to charge, however this would not provide you with any title insurance, only a report what was found on a title search of the property. Meanwhile, if you wanted title insurance you should compare several title insurance companies because they will be charging for the title search, closing fees and probably several other fees in addition to the actual title insurance policy. The Florida promulgated rate for an owners title insurance policy is $725.00 for a $130,000 house. Please remember you will be comparing more than just the policy rate, which may have some applicable credits depending on your situation. You may qualify for a reissue credit if you are refinancing, and you should get several quotes on an "out the door" price when comparing title insurance.