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It is hard to answer this question due to all of the variables that go into an insurance rate. Not to mention the fact that there are multiple kinds of insurance Allstate offers. That being said, in 2011 a forty year old man in prime health would have Allstate ranked 47th on the list of most desirable insurances.

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Q: Does allstate insurance have the lowest rates?
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What online company has the lowest auto insurance rates?

Geico and Allstate both offer the lowest car insurance rrates.

What is the worst advertisement you have seen for a health insurance agency?

The worst health insurance company would be Allstate. Allstate advertises that they have the lowest rates, but they generally are one of the highest health insurance companies.

Who are the top Florida insurance providers?

The top insurance providers in Florida are Allstate Insurance and Geico Insurance. These provide the best and lowest home and auto and property rates available.

Which companies can provide the lowest auto insurance rates?

For auto insurance the best companies I have experienced are Unitrin Direct , Allstate, and geico insurance for lowest rates allthough the only way to know for sure is to compare for yourself using as many companies to compare as possible.

Where can you find rates for Allstate insurance?

The best way is to call Allstate at 866-683-2700 and speak to a representative. They will give rates for homeowner's, and auto insurance, among other kinds.

Where may I find low rates for auto insurance?

Allstate offers low rates on auto insurance. You can also try State Farm insurance.

Where can you get the best deal for car insurance in California?

Auto insurance rates depend on a lot of different factors, including your personal credit rating, so I can't say that a specific company will definitely have the lowest rates for you. However, Allstate and Geico are often good choices for low rates.

Which state in the US has the lowest auto insurance rates?

Maine and Iowa have the lowest auto insurance rates. Washington D.C. has the highest auto insurance rates.

What are the absolute lowest auto insurance rates in the world?

North Dakota has the lowest auto insurance rates in the USA.

Which auto insurance company in Las Vegas has the best rates?

A very popular auto insurance company in Las Vegas is Allstate Insurance. While it is not guaranteed that they have the lowest price for your specific situation, they have a wide variety of packages for every budget.

Could you get direct auto insurance from All State Insurance?

Yes, you can get direct car insurance form Allstate. I would recommend talking with your local Allstate insurance advisor for more information on rates and coverage.

What company has cheaper car insurance in South Carolina?

Geico offers cheap rates in your area. You can also try Allstate insurance for cheap rates.