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No, your homeowners insurance does not cover AC maintenance issues. however, depending on the type of policy you purchased, it may cover resulting structural damage after you have completed the necessary repairs to your AC system.

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Q: Does allstate homeowners insurance cover condensation leaking from AC ducting damage?
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What do you need to do when you have some water dripping through your AC vent?

it is cold-air-induced condensation in the supply ducting. the outside of the duct is wrapped in insulation to prevent this. that insulation has failed, and the condensation is finding its way into your room. accessing the ducting will be difficult, but foam stripping and good-ol duct tape will fix the break in the insulation. Happy Hunting.

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Depending on serveral factors, including the amount of ducting to be replaced and the number of people working on the job it can take between an hour and a week. One job I worked on took 10 hours for 3 men to complete as it had a large amount of under floor ducting that needed to be removed and replaced.

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