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Yes if she lets me tickle her feet I would then I'd be fair about this and let her tickle my feet in return

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Q: Does actress Kerry bishe like her feet tickled?
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yes dawn is tickled just on her bare feet that's a lie no it not my friend his the pics if dawn tied up get her bare feet tickled it it like it form the episode

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Why do your toes curl when your foot is tickled?

Why does your toes curl when the foot is tickled?because your feet and your toes are connetced to the same muscle and when the foot is tickled the toes automaticaly curl up .:)

Does brigit mendler like her feet tickled?

The answer is yes I've seen it written down somewhere that brigit mendler likes to be tickled and she likes her pretty feet and toes tickled I'd tickle her feet if she wants me to and lets me then I'll be fair about this and let her tickle me back in my ticklish spots like my feet sides ribs belly stomach underarms and the back of my neck and yes I'd love to be tickled by that blonde beauty

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Does Ellen page have ticklish feet?

Yes - and she loves to have them tickled!

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Yes she does

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Soles of her feet

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Yes it's been said somewhere that brigit mendler likes to have her feet massaged if I met her I'd sit her down put her pretty feet and toes in my lap take off her shoes and socks and give her a nice and relaxing foot massage and I'd like to see her smile at me close her eyes and moan in pleasure I can't see women and girls not liking foot massages

Why do pedicures tickle?

Your feet are very sensitive, so people tend to be tickled when there feet are touched.