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yes and no it depends on how bright it is

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Q: Does a flash light hurt your eyes if shined in it?
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If your eyes never see light will it hurt your eyes?

it can hurt your eyes if you never see the light. dont try it just in case.

Can a flash kill a guinea pig?

No. But be sure not to take a picture with a flash real close because it could hurt their eyes if it is to close.

How does computer hurt tennagers eyes?

The rays on the monitors screen can hurt your eyes by looking at it to long. it's just like staring into a bright light.

Will it hurt your eyes if you look at a picture of an eclipse?

No. Looking at a picture of an eclipse will not hurt your eyes. Since it is only a pictures and doesn't produce any blinding light, it will not cause any damage.

What do you do to keep from getting hurt walking through a dark house?

Family feud: Flash light Feel around Walk slowly Turn on light

Does light hurt sugar glider's eyes?

Sugar gliders should not be exposed to bright light, but only ever darkness or dimmed light.

Why do you need lamp shades for your lamps?

To diffuse the light otherwise a bright and straight light beam from the bulb will hurt your eyes.

Is sleeping with the tv on bad for you?

If your facing it then you can get hurt by the light coming out of it going into your eyes all night

What causes the eyes to be sensitive to light?

well first of all if u r talking about after you fall to sleep its because after u close your eyes for about 5mins your eyes will begin to get bigger and after thay get really big then you open your eyes then turn on the light and boom the light shines in your eyes when there really big and that what makes them hurt ho

Do flash floods hurt people?

some time peopld get hurt because it depence how bad the flash flood is so.

Is it bad for you to scan your face on the printer?

Its probably safe but i think it has a light that scans it so maybe the light would hurt your eyes but I'm not sure.

What was Annie Sullivan's disability?

She had a disease that made her partially blind. She wore sunglasses because light hurt her eyes.