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Yes. Under some circumstances the insurance company would "absorb" the deductible if the claim for that particular line of coverage exceeded that policy limit. Also, there are some policies out there that do not have a deductible if it is "scheduled personal property", e.g. Rolex Watch, Musical Instruments, Oriental Rugs.

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Q: Does a deductible apply to replacement cost insurance?
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Is the cost of medical insurance deductible?

Yes. Health insurance premiums are tax deductible to an individual under IRC Section 213(d).

Does home owners insurance cover someone hitting your mailbox?

Yes, it will cover that minus your deductible,, However you should first check to see what your deductible is. Most mailboxes are pretty cheap and likely far below the cost of your policy deductible. No point in filing an insurance claim if the cost of repairs is below your deductible.

How can you reduce the cost of your insurance?

Choose a higher deductible and drop comprehensive coverage

You have insurance on your home but no replacement insurance What does this mean?

HOAIt means our policy is based on actual value rather than replacement cost. It means that the insurance company is not guaranteeing you the replacement of your home if it burns down. For example, your insurance policy limit is $200,000, but the cost of replacing your home is $210,000, if you had a replacement policy, the insurance would pay for the replacement of your home despite the fact that your insurance limit is only $200,000. However, the insured value at the time of the loss is usually required to be at least 80% of the replacement cost before your policy is covered on a replacement cost basis.

How much does a prostate biopsy cost?

My bill was $2500. My low cost insurance did not pay as I had not met my high deductible.

What does the term deductible mean on health insurance?

It's the part of the cost you must pay before the insurance pays anything.

What is the price range for a windscreen replacement?

Depending on the type of vehicle you have the cost to replace a windshield varies. The price ranges from $150 to $325. Insurance can play another factor in the cost of replacing a windshield. You may be able to pay a deductible and have your windshield replace at an even lower cost.

Is your insurance Co responsible to replace a cracked windshield?

It depends on the specific provisions of your coverage; if you only have liability insurance, then no. If you have comprehensive coverage, then they will still only cover the cost above your deductible. Some insurance companies will cover windshield replacement with no deductible if you use their preferred repair company and agree to repair (rather than replace) the window if possible, but this is not universal. You should call your agent and ask.

Should i pay for 100 replacement cost?

Homeowners insurance should I pay for 100 percent replacement cost

Does your insurance company have to pay the policy limit for a total loss if you have replacement?

No, If you have a replacement valuation Home Insurance Policy then the company will pay the "replacement cost" The cost of replacement may or may not reach your policy limits depending on the loss.

What is the average cost of Allstate home insurance?

If you equate "cost" and "premium", the answer depends upon many factors. These include: 1. The location of the property within a state. 2. The state in which the property is located. 3. The history of claims by the policyholder under prior homeowner's policy. 4. The type of construction of the house (brick, frame, etc.) 5. The age of the house. 6. Whether the insurance provides actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. Actual cash value coverage takes into account depreciation when determining how much will be paid, whereas replacement cost coverage allows for the payment of the actual cost of reconstruction. 7. The dollar limits of insurance purchased. 8. Whether contents coverage is provided. This refers to insurance on the contents of the house, such as furniture and fistures. 9. The amount of the deductible selected. A deductible is the dollar amount of damage that the insured has to pay before the obligation of the insurer to pay is triggered. These factors apply to all homeowner's insurance policies, not just through Allstate.

Does ho3 homeowners insurance mean dwelling replacement cost?

no you need a separate endorsement - called Replacement Cost Coverage