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No. Not unless they are also listed on the title. A co-signer simply agrees with the bank to pay the loan if the primary borrower fails to pay. Co-signing doesn't grant any ownership interest in the property. If the co-signer pays for the vehicle they may be able to make a claim against the estate or sue to gain ownership of it.

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Q: Does a cosigner have rights to the car if the owner passes away?
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Can a cosigner take away your car even though payments are not delinquent?

No. Unless the cosigner is also a title holder they have no legal rights to the vehicle.

What happens when the signer of a car loan passes away and there is a cosigner as well?

The Cosigned assumes full responsibility of the loan.

What happens to the money in an account when the owner passes away?

It passes to the deceased's estate upon proof of death.

What are the rights of a cosigner?

A cosigner is a person who signs with another person for a loan of some sort due to credit issues or financial reasons. A cosigner unfortunately does not have as many rights as the person who is first listed on a loan. For example, if you purchase a car and your boyfriend/girlfriend cosigns for you and you two break up, they cannot take the car away from you. However, if you are late on payments, the cosigner will then be responsible for the payments.

What is the definition of term life insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance service that one can purchase, and will pay out a lump sum of money when the owner of the life insurance passes away. It can also be paid out, or bought out, before the owner passes away.

What is the punishment for giving away something not yours?

That will depend on what it is (big difference between giving away an apple and giving away a car), but if you have taken possession of it and disposed of it, you've asserted the rights of ownership. And if you're not the owner and have not been granted those rights by the owner, it's theft.

What was the name of local and state laws passes to take away African American rights in the south?

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Can a cosigner take the car away from the borrower if he is in default and the cosigner has a key and is paying the payments?

Bill, ONLY if the co-signor is listed ON THE TITLE as CO-OWNER. Co-signors only responsibliity is to make the notes if the signor doesnt. Signor is just USING co-signors creditworthiness.

Does the girlfriend of 10 years have rights if boyfriend passes away?

Considering they weren't married...I doubt she does, but possibly because of how long.

Can someone take your mineral rights without your consent?

If you are the full and complete owner of the real property in question, and you have not previously signed away your mineral rights, no one can take them away from you - EXCEPT - by action of the government.

Can a cosigner take the car away from the borrower without permission from the borrower By towing it or using the second key to take the vehicle?

A co-signer is not an owner of the car. As such, the co-signer cannot take the car away from the borrower without the borrower's permission.

How is a joint banking account of an unmarried couple in the state of Indiana liquidated when one joint account owner passes away?

The surviving joint owner is the sole owner of the account and can maintain it or close it. That is the reason for having a joint account.