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It has both.

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Q: Does a 2005 Chrysler 2.7 have lifters or rockers Cause one of the two are ticking?
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Why is your 2000 Chrysler minivan engine still ticking after the timing belt was changed?

ticking sound in engine is usually not caused by a timing belt ticking is usually caused by worn cam shaft or clifters most cars now have hydraulic lifters. if oil is low it will cause ticking. if a lifter is worn it will cause ticking these should have been ckecked for wear when replacing timing belt

What could cause a slapping sound under the intake on 350 Chevrolet?

Lifters ticking.

What would cause knocking after just having rods lifters and rockers replaced on your gmc jimmy?

Could be the timing is a little fast.

What is the usual cause of the number one cylinder lifters to be tapping in a Chevy small block 305?

Could be, Out of adjustment Worn camshaft Worn lifters Worn pushrods Worn rockers All of the above.

Would a bad exhaust manifold also cause a ticking like a lifter if needed replacement?

if it is cracked or the gasket is bad sometimes they sound like ticking lifters. look for carbon deposits at joints and on the manifolds themselves.

What is the cause of the loud ticking from right front of 3.5L 2006 Chrysler Pacifica engine?

Could possibly be a bad lifter.

What would cause a ticking sound on a 1996 Honda Passport?

i have that problem. i was told it was the lifters, but it's a pricey job. that's the best i can do for you. i believe you have to remove the head gasket in order to get to them. -NEW ANSWER- I HAVE THAT PROBLEM ALSO... MY MECHANIC TOLD ME THAT THAT SOUND IS THE LIFTERS, BUT WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS DOING IS THE LIFTERS ARE TAPPING AGAINST THE DIPSTICK IN THE CRANKSHAFT. HE TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY, IT IS AN ANNOYING SOUND BUT IT'S NOT DOING ANY INTERNAL DAMAGE TO THE MOTOR... IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET RID OF THAT SOUND, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE TO OPEN THE HEAD, AND HAVE THE LIFTERS REPLACED. The Crankshaft is nowhere near the lifers. It's the rockers slapping against the lifters that you hear. Not much of a problem if you don't mind the noise, just keep an eye on your oil pressure.

Ticking sound in motor?

The most likely cause of a ticking sound in a motor is a bad timing belt. A valve out of time can also cause a ticking sound.

What would cause a ticking sound in the engine of a 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Maxx?

It is probably the lifters. I suggest using an engine flush and I have had luck with GUNK. Follow the directions on the can. You may have to do it every 30000 miles . I found that if I put a non Mitsubishi oil filter on my pu would start making that ticking sound

Will a blown head gasket affect hydraulic lifters?

it will cause the engine to overheat and also coolant to enter the oil system, which will in turn cause wear of the lifters.

What would cause a knocking noise when the engine is cold . What does a clicking or ticking sound mean when accelerating or releasing the gas pedal?

a "knocking" noise could be your lifters. and the ticking when accelerating and letting out of the gas is the same thing. check your oil and if it's full then you may need to think about either having them adjusted, or getting new ones. depending on what you have depends on whether or not you wanna sell it

What would cause a ticking and dash lights diming flashiing the ticking is present even when the ignition is off?

look for a shorted electric motor like window motor. when the motor contacts fail they can cause the "ticking" and it drains the power constantly, even when the ignition is off.