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!954 Dodge Royale has a 6 volt poss grnd electrical system. Don't get confused when working on it. I found the best way is to just think of it as a normal neg grnd system. poss neg. Unless your working on something that is isolated with a rubber mount or something similar nothing will seem diff.

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Q: Does a 1954 dodge have a 6 volt positive ground?
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Do 1949 dodge pickups have positive ground?

If the 49 dodge truck is still on it's original 6 volt electrical system it is positive ground. All 6 volt auto systems are/were positive ground. All 12 volt systems are negative ground.

1952 dodge hal ton truck is it a positive or negative ground?

6 volt positive ground is the answer!!!!!!!!

Is my 1949 truck 6 volt or 12 volt?

If your 1949 truck is a CHEVY or GMC and it still has the original electrical system, it would be 6 volt, negative ground. If it is a Dodge or a Ford with the oringinal electrical system it would be 6 volt, positive ground.

Is a 1960 Ford Thunderbird a negative or positive ground and is it 6 volt or 12 volt?

The 1960 Thunderbird was 12 volt negative ground. The 1955 Thunderbird was 6 volt positive ground and 1956 and up was 12 volt negative ground.

Does your 1952 ford have a positive ground?

Yes, it is 6 volt positive ground.

Does the 2002 dodge grand caravan sport have a 12 volt positive hot electrical system?

Yes, most North American automobiles do. Positive-ground electrical systems never really caught on in the mainstream.

Is 1955 Packard a 6 volt or 8 volt?

A 1955 Packard is 12 volts, positive ground.

What is the voltage of a tractor battery?

Most likely 12 volt negative ground. If a pre 1960's it could be 6 volt positive ground.

Does the farmall A have a positive ground electrical system?

Yes, this tractor has a positive ground system. It may have been retrofitted to 12 volt negative ground over the years though.

Was the 1955 Ford Thunderbird a negative or positive ground?

Thanks, the dude that's been restoring my car died and I didn't think he hooked it up wrong... I got a 50's Ford 8N tractor and it's positive ground as well

Is a 1953 Chevy truck a positive groundhow do you tell?

No, only Ford used positive ground electrical systems,but your 53 is probably 6 volt.

When you hit your brakes the tail lights go out?

Your most likely cause for this is a short in your wiring. Whether its a bad ground or a broken positive. You can use a volt meter or a power probe if you have the money to buy one. Basically you want to check for continuity from ground to ground and positive to positive.