Does Wu Zun have a wife?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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No. He is not married. But he hopes to get married and start a family soon.

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Q: Does Wu Zun have a wife?
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The girlfriend or the wife of Wu zun?

nope. so yeahh. hes single o___o dont stalk him kayy?

Is Wu zun married?

Yes he is.

Is ella chen and Wu chun are married?

Nope,they're not together,although they're rumoured to be together,they aren't,nor Wu Zun is with Angela Zhang or Charlene Choi,Or Ariel Lin.As a Actor+Singer,Wu Zun is just doing his best in his dramas and movies,i guess the fans just HOPE Wu Zun to be with Ella,Angela,Ariel,or Charlene.BUT,I love ChunElla as a rumoured couple,but i won't care whoever Wu Zun is with,i just hope Ella,Wu Zun,Angela Zhang,Ariel Lin,Charlene Choi,do get their hapiness,no matter who is their partner is.Isn't this our dream?As a fan of them,we just can hope they can be happy with their partners,but we can't decide their fate.Agree?

Does Wu Zun like Ella Chen?

not sure but i wish maybe it is !!! wish it is !!! im chunella fan ~ !

What has the author Wu Ganlin written?

Wu Ganlin has written: 'You zun yan de sheng huo' -- subject(s): Respect for persons, Applied Psychology, Success

What actors and actresses appeared in Zhi zun hong yan - 2003?

The cast of Zhi zun hong yan - 2003 includes: Alyssa Chia as Empress Wu Mei Niang Hing Suen Wenzhuo Zhao as General Li

When was Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas created?

Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas was created on 2010-12-06.

Who is Wu Zun's real life girlfriend?

I heard that he was the first one out of his Fahrenheit group to have a girlfriend and Ella and he was in a realtionship but now they are not so it's kinda confusing because a lot of people say he does years ago and he doesn't

What actors and actresses appeared in Zhi zun wei long - 1977?

The cast of Zhi zun wei long - 1977 includes: Jung Chi Sun Di Chin Yu Feng Ma Fu Hung Cheng Kun Li Hui Lou Chen Fong Lung as Tsai Kan Ping Ou Wei Kang Peng Yen Wu Ma Wu

Is Wu zun and ella dating?

No they aren't dating. They just work for the same company so please people.. Stop asking Questions about them. That's there own business

Do Wu Zuni have a wife or girlfriend?


When was Moethee Zun born?

Moethee Zun was born in 1962.